Because your family's photos are a mess

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If you're like us, you've got photos and videos everywhere - phones, cameras, computers, USB sticks...the list goes on and on. Add in your family members, each with their own devices, storage, and accounts, and you've got a digital quagmire! Everyone wants it to be better but who has the time to figure it all out? That's why we created Bevy.

Designed for Families

Bevy's astonishing ease-of-use makes it ideal for the entire family - from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. No more struggling with multiple accounts, usernames, or passwords to access your memories. No more painful restrictions on number of users and storage. You don't even need a computer to use Bevy. With Bevy every member of the family can easily add their photos and videos to the collection, create albums, and mark favorites that everyone can enjoy. And the Activity feed makes it super easy to keep up with everything being added to your Bevy. It's like a private photo network for your family! There's simply no easier way to create and enjoy your family photo and video collection.

Always with you, always protected

With Bevy, all the originals are in one place, in your home, safe and sound. You no longer have to worry about where they are, and what if some cloud service goes out of business or raises their prices. They're your memories, and you should always have them in your possession. And with all your photos and videos in one place, it's easier than ever to protect them with backup. Here's where you've got options with Bevy: Back up in your home by simply plugging an external USB hard drive into the back of your Bevy. Bevy will take care of the rest for you. For off-site backup, use Bevy's secure encrypted cloud back up (coming soon). Your memories will be protected and safe from prying eyes with state of the art encryption.

Anytime anywhere access

Unlike your personal computer and standard hard drives, Bevy gives you access to your entire photo and video collection no matter where you are, inside or outside your home. Set your Bevy App to Auto-Upload or select photos to send to the Bevy in your home while you are on vacation, at the soccer field, or just out on the town. And use those snippets of free time during the day to create albums, share memories, or delete unwanted pictures, all without having to log in to accounts. Because Bevy gives you access to all your photos and videos at all times, you can keep your camera roll clean and keep snapping pictures!

Goodbye Mess, Hello Joy.

Bring back the joy of family memories with Bevy.